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Financial difficulties

Anyone can find themselves in financial difficulties  at some time in life. 

If you have problem debt, or if you are worried that your debt may become a problem, contact us sooner than later. 

The goal with counselling 

  • Seek holistic overview of the applicant's finances
  • Provide assistance to balance financial obligations and payment ability, often by mediating negotiations with creditors. 

What is the process like? 

  • A counselor assists you with your permission 
  •  The office will seek information on your debts and third party guarantees from financial institutions and other claimants.
  • It will also seek information on your income from the tax authorities.
  • In the application, you will have to provide information on particular parts of your living expenses, such as rent, heat, electricity, child care and insurance.
  • The Debtors' Ombudsman will use its standard budget to estimate the cost of living for food, clothing, medicine, travel, communication and hobbies. 
  • Based on this, your payment ability will be estimated. 

What might the solutions be ? 

Counselling includes matching financial capabilities and financial obligations and looking for ways to balance the two.

If you are not sure what your next step should be you can contact us and a counselor will contact you by phone 

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