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If the Office of the Debtors' Ombudsman rejects an application for debt mitigation, the decision may be appealed to the Welfare Appeals Committee within two weeks of the date the applicant received the decision to reject the application.

On the Welfare Appeals Committee

The Welfare Appeals Committee is an impartial rulings committee that was established on 1 January 2016 with the passage of the Act on the Welfare Appeals Committee. The Act provided for the merger of the following committees: the appeals committee on child welfare, the appeals committee on debt mitigation, the rulings committee on social security, the rulings committee on unemployment insurance and labour market measures, the rulings committee on social services and housing, and the rulings committee on childbirth leave and parental leave.

How can I file an appeal?

  • Appeals can be filed electronically, and filers must have an Íslykill or e-ID in order to log in.
  • Filers can also print out an appeal form and deliver the completed form to the Committee’s office or send it by postal mail.

The Committee’s address is:

Welfare Appeals Committee

Katrínartún 2

105 Reykjavík

When an appeal is sent by postal mail or delivered to the Committee’s office, the filer must sign it before sending or delivering it. Appeals filed electronically need not be signed, however, as the filer’s identity is authenticated by e-ID on the website.

  • All further instructions on filing an appeal with the Welfare Appeals Committee can be found here.
  • Cases are considered by the Welfare Appeals Committee at no cost to the parties to the case.

Welfare Appeals Committee rulings

The Committee’s rulings can read on the Government offices website.


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