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Financial advice

Debtors’ Ombudsman offers free assistance to individuals who find themselves in financial difficulties.

What do we do ?

  • We work with people who may be struggling with debt or who need help in managing their money
  • We assist people in obtaining a comprehensive overview of their finances and to seek solutions.
  • We look at each client's situation as a whole and seek to find solutions that provide the best possible outcome for that client

Come sooner than later

We appreciate that you might be under strain. The sooner you seek assistance the sooner you will have a plan on how to resolve your financial problems.

 We help you to help yourself

  • Be upfront with us
  • We support you in making your own decisions.
  • We don’t judge you

 Ask us questions

  • Write down any questions you might have before you contact us
  •  Don’t hesitate to ask if anything is unclear
  •  Do your own research

What are your expectations ?

  • Tell us truthfully everything we need to know that relates to the problem you have come to tell us about.
  • If you have any specific expectations or ideas about how you envision solving your financial problems.
  • Appreciate that there are limits to what we can do. 
  • It's good to keep in mind that the process might take longer than you would like.
          Remember that, ultimately, you make all choices about your finances and are responsible for them.

If you are not sure what your next step should be you can contact us and a counselor will contact you by phone 

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